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Maciej Meller – Zenith

  1. Aside 8:44
  2. Knife 4:39
  3. Plan B 4:11
  4. Halfway 5:10
  5. Frozen 5:40
  6. Fox 6:40
  7. Trip 8:03
  8. Magic 1:52
  • Credits

    Maciej Meller – guitars, mandolin, whistle
    Krzysztof Borek – vocals
    Robert Szydło – bass guitars
    Łukasz Damrych – keyboards
    Łukasz Sobolak – drums
    Szymon Paduszyński – backing vocals on “Plan B”

    All music by Maciej Meller
    Except “Trip” music by Mariusz Duda and Maciej Meller
    All lyrics by Krzysztof Borek

  • Lyrics


    I am the one with my ear to the wall
    I catch your every whisper
    I register every sound
    Then set it on my photo film

    I still must do everything, I want to
    More than I know it myself

    I am the one with my nose on the window
    I compare every shadow
    I memorise every colour
    Before I decorate the blank posters

    Tomorrow the last line
    The last touch
    It’s a shame that a day like that
    Happens only once

    Tomorrow the last sound
    The last words’ meaning
    It’s a shame that a day like that
    Is usually made so brief

    I am the one with the hood on my head
    Hoping the world suprises me
    I am standing as I stood yesterday
    Still holding a petrol can

    I still can do everything, I want to
    More than I know it myself

    I am the one with my heart on a sleeve
    It’s my fuckin’ destiny
    I am painting love with spray
    I get mad when you don’t get it

    I still must do everything
    I still can do everything
    I want to…


    I bought a knife
    It may come in useful
    There’s an enemy at the gate
    I didn’t use to be scared
    I paid for it with my pills
    Cause it`s the money here

    I changed my face
    For one just fine
    For one like this
    Although not all is right
    Only this one time
    I wink for “yes”

    I got changed
    Despite the biting cold
    I`m gonna run
    Come run with me
    With you it will be easier
    Everything makes sense with you

    I love you so bad
    I only want it that way
    The rest doesn’t matter
    It won’t be long
    But happily at least
    More is a myth

    PLAN B

    I won’t be alone
    You’re gonna help me
    We will play our plan B
    That sounds good to me

    It’s gonna be faster
    It’s gonna be more ‘on two’
    That’s the way I wanna play
    I’ll be waiting
    And you will know I am

    I don’t have to freak out
    It won’t be my loss alone
    You’re gonna help me
    For sure

    It’s gonna be better
    It’s gonna be you and me
    That’s the way I see it
    I’m gonna scream
    And you will hear me screaming

    So it’s not that bad
    We’ve got our backup plan
    Yes it must succeed

    And in the end
    There is no doubt
    I won’t be ashamed


    Cause not enough
    Not the right words
    And it`s high time
    That I knew But I don`t Anyway

    I won what`s mine
    For what isn`t I got hit
    Once or twice
    It doesn`t matter

    As long as I can feel
    I don`t want to know
    I don`t care
    What you want to tell me
    I also don`t say
    Cause I don`t know
    Because there are no words
    And no minds
    That will make them up

    I won what`s mine
    For what isn`t I got hit
    Once or twice
    It really doesn`t matter
    I`ve got what`s mine
    I caught it in the neck
    And now I`ve got what I`ve got
    And what I lack – I forgive

    Here and now It is happening
    On and on
    Half the way to the end
    Here and now It is happening
    All the time
    And there is no chance
    And there is no luck
    For any of us


    I froze in a strange pose
    With tied legs and tied arms
    Under my fingernails
    Mud of delusions
    Scraped from the walls and floor

    I froze in a knot of life

    I froze in a strange pose
    Straight or left, turn right
    In the brightness of matt suns
    Calm as death
    I cast a shadow

    You can start
    I have finished
    You can win
    I have already lost


    A fox caught wind of me
    The flood knocked at my door
    All thoughts fell to my feet
    Sticking to my dirty shoes

    The Summer warmed the table
    I really don’t like to be scared
    I haven’t washed since yesterday
    To piss all the foxes off

    Now I locked the door
    I bit my nails until they bled
    I haven’t prayed since yesterday
    I froze to the bone under the cross

    I lasted long without a breath
    It is still freezing me out
    I will fuck this world up
    I’m going to impale my god

    I’ll laugh to tears
    Just like a child
    Till the end I’ll regret
    That you didn’t laugh with me
    I will laugh to tears
    Just like a clown
    Till the end I’ll regret
    That you didn’t laugh with me


    Don’t be afraid
    It is just a game
    It doesn’t hurt that much
    That’s how you play today
    You have a lead
    By half-time I lose
    I need a triple dose of energy Now
    Don’t be ashamed
    We are so damn right
    It is always good
    To know a nickname of the judge
    Things need to happen Till the end
    Just sorry for the children Most of all
    There is still so much ahead of us All of us
    Medals, trophies And still
    We will dig the faith into the ground
    On scarfs
    We will mark the sense of being
    We won’t let the air
    out of the ball
    Until there won’t be any to breathe
    We will sing together that ‘Nothing has happened’
    Even if ‘It all happens’


    So here I am
    Tell me I made it
    Tell me I’ll still get a dry blanket

    It is late everywhere
    Too much everywhere

    So here I am
    Tell me it’s not over
    Tell me I’ll get a slice of bread

    And that we’ll meet again
    That it’s not magic

It’s a 45-minute musical journey through the progressive-alternative-guitar spaces with a couple of guys in their 40s, who are more or less halfway there, they’ve reached the zenith of their lives. This is the story the album tells about – fear, uncertainty, anxiety, even doubt but also hope. It’s about all the questions concerning the other half. Can we win? What if there’s a tie? What if …

Krzysiek Borek, who wrote the lyrics and sang in all 8 songs, wanted to tell about being at such point of life. We’ve known each other since Quidam and Three Wishes common concerts, somewhere at the beginning of this century. Then there was a long silence till the Facebook times when we ran into each other once again. Actually I came across ‘Songs for Nobody’ by Tim Orders. As soon as the first ideas for Zenith started to fall out of the drawer I knew who should I turn to. Sensitivity, emotionality, the timbre of the voice and the artistic anxiety have always attracted my attention. As well as modesty and musical humility. Krzysiek. He did a great job!

In a musical aspect it’s a continuation of some threads from ‘Saiko’ (‘Frozen’ theme dates back to that period of time) and later trio (‘Knife’ or ‘Fox’). But everything with a clear addition of all that happened between and later. Until now. Each and every period is closely related to very important person – Robert Szydło, who apart from mixing and mastering also played bass guitars this time. One of my dreams came true. It’s an honor and a blessing to know him and work with him!

And finally, it got kind of weird that probably the most important song on the album, the unique kind of creed of the release is a gift-song from the third important person. Some time ago I got a very simple demo version of ‘Trip’ from Mariusz (yes,THE Mariusz) and I started working on that on my own. It didn’t work out then, but the idea has become my own, so I kept it. And because Mariusz was the impulse, someone who encouraged me the most to record my own album, I couldn’t imagine it without a trace of him. I’m very happy he appeared on ‘Zenith’ in such a way.